AATF Approved Authorised Treatment Facility Glossary
AE Approved Exporter Glossary
ATF Authorised Treatment Facility Glossary
B2B Business-to-Business sales of EEE (also called ‘non-household EEE') Glossary
B2C  Business-to-Consumer sales of EEE (also called ‘household EEE') Glossary
BATRRT Best Available Treatment, Recovery and Recycling Techniques 
DCF Designated Collection Facility Glossary
DOC Declaration of Compliance Glossary
DTS  Distributor Takeback Scheme Glossary
EEE Electrical and Electronic Equipment Definition
EN Evidence Note Glossary
IPR Individual Producer Responsibility 
NHW Non-Household WEEE Glossary
PCS  Producer Compliance Scheme Glossary
 Producer Identification Mark
WEEE Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Definition
WPH WEEE from Private Households Glossary
WPRN WEEE Producer Registration Number